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Billy’s Tobacco has over a hundred different flavors of e-juice across seven different brands. These brands include Vsmoke, Nicquid, Halo, and our premium e-juice label: Off the Line. Below you can find a sample of the flavors we have available. Come in to either location to see the full range of flavors and find out what’s new!

  • Tobacco Flavors – flavors range from clean, mild flavors similar to cigarette tobacco, to rich and sweet blends reminiscent of pipe tobacco
  • Menthol and Mint Flavors – including a few fruit flavors that make ample use of mint
  • Fruit Flavors – naked fruits and fruit cocktails
  • Refreshing Beverages – light, clean flavors, with just a touch of sweetness
  • Dessert and Candy Flavors – sweet tooth inspired indulgences

Tobaccos and Tobacco Blends


Turkish Tobacco
A straightforward tobacco flavor from Halo: clean, mild, pleasant.
Prime 15
Halo blends a sweet tobacco with a distinct chocolate flavor.
Torque 56
Another straightforward, light & clean flavor from Halo. Similar to the Turkish Tobacco, but with a little extra kick that you can feel at the back of your throat.
This Nicquid flavor is also a light tobacco blend, but with a more complex character and a sweet undertone.
A simple light tobacco flavor from Nicquid: bright, smooth, mellow with just a touch of sweeetness.
Freedom Juice
A subtle and sweet tobacco from Halo with undertones of cinnamon and brown sugar.
A no-nonsense, full flavored tobacco from Halo with a strength reminiscent of a good cigar.
Midnight Express
This Nicquid tobacco is rich, dark, and sweet like pipe tobacco with a heavy amount of strong, warm spices.

Menthols and Mints

Incredibly smooth, this menthol from Nicquid is also strong.
A mild spearmint flavor from Nicquid: satisfying.
Initially this Halo blend is a bright tobacco flavor; as it fades away it becomes a subtle menthol.
This menthol from Halo isn’t just strong, it’s intensely frigid.
Apple Frost
Nicquid brings together bright green apples and icy mint.
This blend from Halo takes a sweet coconut flavor and underscores it with just a touch of mint for a fresh sensation.
Blue Breeze
Tsunami starts with mint and adds a hint of blueberry for a sweeter vaping experience.
Kringle’s Curse
Ho, ho, ho! This purely peppermint from Halo is pure flavor: bright, minty, intense.
A milder menthol flavor that’s enhanced with just a touch of sweetness.


Double Apple
Vsmoke accents sweet red apple with a tart, green Granny Smith.
Kiss on the Lips
A quintessential strawberry-kiwi flavor from Tsunami.
On Point Mango Peach
Vsmoke says it all in the name: creamy mango and juicy peach.
Strawberry Fuzz
Nicquid pairs fuzzy peach with sweet strawberry.
A fruit cocktail from Tsunami that balances the tangy citrus flavor of orange, the heavy sweetness of peach, and a touch of bright red cherry.
Purple Haze
A relaxing blend from Vsmoke of purple grape and red raspberry.
Pure strawberry flavor from Vsmoke that’s rich and sweet.
Tropical Fruit
Vsmoke starts with a pineapple mango base for this complex cocktail flavor, then rounds it out with a touch of kiwi and tart pomegranate.
Grape Escape
Nicquid’s sweet grape flavor is reminiscent of juicy candies.
Cherry on Top
Another candy-like flavor from Nicquid a rich sugary flavor.
Watermelon Breeze

Vsmoke takes refreshing watermelon and adds just a hint of mint to enhance its cool, clean flavor.

Refreshing Beverages


Summertime Tea
Nicquid tweaks ice tea with refreshing lemon and cool mint.
Pina Colada
A favorite beach side cocktail from Vsmoke: sweet and fruity.

Pink Lemonade
Vsmoke cuts through the sour bite of lemonade with sweet, delicate strawberry flavor with their version of this classic summer beverage.

Nicquid brings us their take on a sophisticated summer cocktail: the mojito. Sour, tart lime complimented by a strong mint that leaves behind an icy chill.

Strawnana Smoothie
A creamy blend of intense strawberry flavor with subtle banana undertones by Nicquid results in a flavor that will rival your favorite smoothie.

Peach Lemonade
Nicquid offsets tangy, sour lemonade with a full, sweet, peach flavor. The result is a smooth and balanced vapor that’s wonderfully refreshing.

Maraschino Blast
An unusually refreshing cherry flavor from Nicquid that’s bright, clean, and lightly sweet like fresh, chilled fruit.

Toro Rogue
Tsunami gets in on the energy drink craze drawing inspiration for flavor from some of the most popular, highly caffeinated, taurine infused beverages.

Sweet Treats


Belgian Cocoa
Halo’s rich chocolate tastes as decadent as gourmet cocoa.
An exquisite caramel cookie flavor from Nicquid.

Frosted Cinnamon Bun
Vsmoke recreates the experience of warm, gooey, cinnamon buns topped with sinful, slightly tangy, cream cheese frosting.

Gummy Candy
Vsmoke takes a sweet, strong, fruity flavor and adapts it to their signature thick vapor to create a juicy candy experience reminiscent of childhood.

Vanilla Bean
This warm, creamy vanilla from Vsmoke hits heavy and sweet.
A pure cinnamon flavor from Nicquid: warm, spicy, smooth.

Banana Nut Bread
This Nicquid flavor tastes like it came fresh from the oven. Warm spices strike a perfect balance with authentic banana and a slight nutty flavor.

Blueberry Tart
Nicquid’s succulent blueberry bursts from a buttery pastry.
Molly Rancher
Vsmoke fuses watermelon and sour apple with a candy glaze.

Orange Dreamsicle
Nicquid pairs a soft and creamy orange sherbet with just enough mint to create a cool sensation on the tongue and an extra smooth vapor.