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Tobacco & Accessories

Billy’s has a great selection of R.Y.O. at great prices, a wide variety of glass pipes, cigars, e-cigarettes, e-juice, and other accessories for smokers (and vapers).

Billy’s Tobacco carries a great selection of tobaccos and accessories for those looking to roll their own cigarettes. Pipe cut tobacco brands currently in stock include: Privateer (formerly Real Deal), Gambler, Kentucky Select, Red River, Largo, OHM, Criss Cross, and Rio. Mix and match with different styles and brands of tubes to find the flavor that best suits you. Our rolling machines range from hand-held single injectors to the Powermatic II electric cigarette roller.

We have over four display cases of glass pipes in a wide variety of styles and colors that range from 3″ spoon pipes to water pipes over a foot a tall with multiple percolators. Our glass collection includes ash catchers, bubblers, concentrate pipes, and accessories that can be used to convert pipes like dome-less nails and female-to-male converters. We also have small metal pipes and novelty pipes. We even have real corncob pipes.


Billy’s has hookah pipes in a range of sizes, hoses, bowl, charcoals, and brushes. We carry Havana and Starbuzz tobaccos.

Accessories include: cigarette cases, scales, grinders, lighters (from Bic to table-top torches), butane, and Zippo fluid, wicks, and flints. . . and more!